About Us

‘Aloha’ means – LOVE, PEACE & COMPASSION.

These are the qualities which define Aloha Swim.

Aloha Swim is a swim school that caters to all ages and demographics. We aim to create a fun, relaxed environment where children and adults alike learn not only the skills and sufficiency of high level swimmers but attain numerous social benefits.

Our unique blend of small ratio classes and positive encouragement lead to a high level of achievement in the pool.

Our lessons are based in private, heated pools around Slough/ Langley/ Berkshire where we offer classes for all adults and children.

Behind the face of Aloha Swim!

In 2015, Aloha Swim came alive. As twin sisters, we had an identical vision of combining our passion of swimming, health, fitness and teaching!

The joy we both get from teaching and helping others, along with the supply of substantial water knowledge and life saving skills, we feel has helped us to adapt a certain style of teaching, which is easy to learn and extremely enjoyable.

We have an amazing team; all of our swim teachers add so much sustenance to our unique swim school!