Terms and Conditions

Aloha Swim terms & Conditions 2021-2022

Please read our T&C’s carefully as they may affect your legal rights. Your agreement with Aloha Swim will be considered in effect upon booking with the swim school. This booking may have been made in person, through email, over the phone, or through our social pages.

By booking with Aloha Swim all parents and swimmers agree and adhere to the terms and Conditions and Aloha Swim assumes that you agree to these.

Payments and fees.

Each term is paid on either a monthly or a termly basis. All payments are to be made in advance, on or before the set deadline date. If this is not paid on time, your space will be given away to somebody on the waiting list.

Each termly payment may vary, depending on the number of weeks.

If the swimmer misses a lesson.

Termly swimming courses are paid on a termly and/ or monthly basis. Aloha Swim is not obligated to refund money, in the chance that the swimmer is unable to attend any part of the course.

Aloha Swim does offer an alternative, which is a replacement lesson, however this is not always guaranteed due to limited spaces.

If Aloha Swim needs to close the pool.

This would usually happen in the event of a pool contamination, which can happen at very short notice.

All swimmers on that day would be contacted/ texted as soon as we get notification of such happening. It is the swimmers/ parents responsibility to ensure Aloha Swim always has an up to date mobile number for us to contact.

Replacement lessons and refunds will be offered if Aloha Swim has to cancel.

If the swimmer no longer wants lessons.

If you have booked lessons with us and do not turn up to them, you will still be liable to pay the full price of classes that we reserved for you, even if you do not want lessons anymore.

As stated previously, Aloha swim unfortunately cannot issue out refunds unless on our behalf.

If the swimmer does not want to attend classes anymore, Aloha swim is not responsible for any moneys back.

Trial classes.

All swimmers have the option to attend a trial class, before indulging in a whole term. This allows the swimmer to decide if they wish to continue. All trial lessons have to be paid in advance or on the day.

Medical conditions.

It is imperative that Aloha Swim is informed of any medical conditions the swimmer has. As this could have an affect in the pool. All information is treated in confidence. Parents/Guardians must declare any disability, condition, or illness affecting their child to Aloha Swim, regardless of the severity of such disability, condition, or illness.

No swimmer should ever attend swimming if they have any illnesses such as vomiting, diarrhoea, infections, impetigo, chicken pox, colds etc.

In the instance of any sicknesses, the swimmer MUST be clear of all symptoms for at

least 48 hours before attending a class.

If a swimmer has been in contact with, or has any symptoms of Covid-19, they must NOT attend any lessons until after 14 days.

Pool behaviour.

Aloha Swim does not tolerate ANY poor behaviour in the venue. Aloha Swim reserves the right to exclude any swimmers who are being disruptive and behaving badly towards teachers and other swimmers.

The process of eliminating bad behaviour, will be as follows:

A verbal warning (which will include a time-out in the lesson), then an email/ written letter, and finally an exclusion (without a refund).

Safety of our swimmers is paramount, anyone unknown to Aloha Swim, who cannot reasonably identify themselves and giving cause for concern in relation to safety, will be asked to leave the premises.


We kindly ask that noise levels are at a minimum, in any part of the venue, when lessons are being conducted.  This can be very disruptive, as swimmers and teachers will not be able to concentrate/ hear much of the lesson.


Personal photography or recording is prohibited for child protection reasons and must not be undertaken during any circumstances.


Children will be assessed every term to update progress and revise which level the swimmers are.

Aloha Swim bases these assessments and awards on the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) NTP (Nation Teaching Plan).

We ask that parents do not discuss grades and progress on the poolside with the teacher, unless absolutely necessary, as this may delay the next class. Please contact the office for these enquiries.

Due the continuous progressive nature of our lessons, a space may not be immediately available when your child needs to move up. In this instance they will be given the next available space in a suitable class.

Changing rooms and personal property.

We ask that all personal property (including rubbish) is removed from the changing rooms before swimmers leave.

Aloha Swim is NOT responsible for any missing or left behind personal belongings.


Outdoor footwear is strictly prohibited on the poolside. Please ensure all persons entering the venue have overshoes on (which are provided outside on the wall) or outdoor shoes are taken off, for hygiene purposes.


All swimmers should attend in proper swimsuits or swim shorts. Anything too baggy will cause a drag in the water and may cause difficulty for the swimmer.

Please ensure all swimmers are ready (including goggles) five minutes before their lesson.

All long hair should be put up in a swimming cap and verruca socks to be worn when necessary.

Supervision and responsibility.

It is the parents responsibility to supervise any children they have bought with them to the venue.

Extra care is to be given when moving around the poolside and in the changing facilities, as the sides and floors can get very slippery.

All small children should be with an adult at all times.

This duty includes ensuring that their child is in their direct line of sight and that younger children are within an arm’s length reach when in the pool.

Risk assessments are continuously undertaken, but Aloha Swim will not be held responsible for any injury sustained around the pool where individuals are acting in in an uninhibited manner and reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the poolside at any time.

We ask that all swimmers and parents are to leave the poolside and the changing area promptly after the end of each session.

Parents/carers MUST remain on the site while the pupil is in their lesson. This is imperative in case of the unlikely event of a medical emergency, building evacuation or any other emergency situation.

Food and drink.

ALL food and drink is strictly prohibited on the poolside and in the changing rooms, except for water bottles.

Any rubbish/water bottles are to be taken with the swimmers after each session.

Exclusion of Liability and Indemnity.

Aloha Swim, and their respective Relevant Personnel will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage suffered by students, parents/guardians or authorised third parties attending classes. This includes personal injury, illness, and/or loss or damage to any property, arising either directly or indirectly from their attendance and/or participation in the classes.


By attending classes, you agree to waive all claims or causes of action in law or equity that you or your child may have against Aloha Swim, and each Relevant Personnel, subject to the rest of this clause. This waiver extends to any injury, loss or damage of any kind suffered by any person or property, or in relation to the matters arising from or in connection with:

  • The condition of the premises within which classes are conducted either before, during or after classes;
  • The management of the premises and the manner in which classes are conducted (including safety measures put in place by Aloha Swim), before, during or after classes.
  • The use or misuse of equipment by you, your child, ward, or any other authorised third party present either before, during or after classes;
  • The conduct or behaviour of any student, parent/guardian or authorised third party in attendance either before, during or after classes.
  • Any pre-existing medical condition of the child or ward (whether declared or not) to Aloha Swim, or any Relevant Personnel.

Teaching policies and procedures.

  • All Aloha Swim lessons are taught by teachers with suitable qualifications.
  • All teachers have undergone an enhanced DBS check.
  • In the event that a teacher is unable to attend a lesson, we will endeavour to find a cover teacher.
  • In the event that a teacher is unable to teach at extremely short notice, we reserve the right to join classes if appropriate in order to avoid some swimmers missing a lesson. Classes would not be joined if this results in the class size being exceeded as per the Swimming Teachers Association guidelines.
  • While we try to provide a consistent teacher for each class, we cannot always guarantee that you child will have the same swimming teacher each week.
  • Swimming teachers are only responsible for pupils during their swimming lesson and parents/carers are responsible at all other times. The swimming lesson begins when the swimming teacher accepts charge of pupils and ends when the lesson time finishes.


Data protection.

All customer data acquired upon engaging with Aloha Swim and during the provision of our services, is solely used to communicate with customers, with information pertaining to their swimming lessons, and courses relevant to them and their location.

Information held by Aloha Swim will not be shared with any third parties unless under circumstances which would involve organisations such as the police and social services. This may be done without your consent, particularly if there is good reason to do so, such as enhancing the safeguarding of a child in a timely manner.

Changes to Terms and Conditions.

Whilst we do operate as transparently as possible, it is sometimes not possible to notify customers about changes to our operating policies. As such, the Aloha Swim reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without notice.

These terms and conditions are correct at time of publication.