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5 days ago

Aloha Swim


Do you want your child to have extra swim time during the Summer break?
We are offering small group and private (1-2-1/2-2-1) sessions this August!
This will also give your child the opportunity to trial our lessons if you are interested in the new term.
Spaces are limited, so please get in contact as soon as possible to secure a place.
Please message us directly or contact us by:
T: 07469 968 866
See you at the pool!

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2 months ago

Aloha Swim

Want peace of mind This Summer?
Do you want to relax, knowing the kids can swim & splash about in the pool? Or maybe you want to learn yourself, so you can join in the fun?
Well now its never been so easy!
With small ratio classes from ยฃ7.50 a lesson, running 6 days a week, we are sure we can cater to your suitability.
Your children could be swimming independently before the Summer holidays!
Sign up today๐Ÿ˜€๐ŸŠ

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3 months ago

Aloha Swim

Do you want your child to learn how to swim before the Summer holidays? Or even for yourself!๐Ÿ’ง
We now have more availability for:
๐Ÿ”น Beginner children lessons from 5pm onwards at the Copthorne
๐Ÿ”น Women's only classes
๐Ÿ”น And new women's fitswim classes!
Get in touch now, for small ratio classes at one of our venues! (Slough & Langley)
See you at the pool!๐ŸŠ๐Ÿคฝ

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4 months ago

Aloha Swim

Happy Birthday to the Twin owners of Aloha Swim, Danielle and Bethany! ๐ŸŽ‰ Born to swim! ๐Ÿงœโ€โ™€๏ธ ...

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5 months ago

Aloha Swim

Please read! Stop putting off the lessons! Knowing how to swim really does SAVE LIVES!Shortly after these photos were taken on Saturday 23rd February, a little 5-year-old girl fell 12ft from the side of the lock into the water below.

It's something that no-one would ever think would happen, let alone happen to them.

A split second and the life's of so many people changed forever.

I was out for an afternoon walk with Laura, the kids and Flo at Foxton Locks, somewhere we'd been before and loved.

Enjoying the unbelievably warm February sunshine, we were walking along the locks and helping a lady open the lock gates to let her boat through.

As usual, Ethan was being his usual excited self and we had to pull him back from the edge a couple of times as he got too close but nothing out of the ordinary and we were having a lovely time.

The first sign that anything wrong was when we heard a piercing scream from the next lock along.

It was a sound that I'd never heard before and we quickly realised that something was very wrong.

We ran down to the next lock and I saw in the water, around 12ft below, a tiny head struggling to stay afloat.

I'm not sure how she did it but to tread water for the length of time that she did, after the massive fall and then the shock of the freezing cold water, was remarkable.

It turns out that she had started swimming lessons just weeks before and there's no doubt that it saved her life.

She was fighting with everything she had to keep her head above the water level but I could see that we only had seconds to help before she got too tired.

Instinct took over and I jumped into the water from the side of the lock to try my best to rescue the little girl.

I'm not a strong swimmer at all and my worst nightmare is having to rescue my own boys from deep water, but I couldn't just stand on the side and watch her drown.

Coincidently I've spent the last month practising my swimming and that undoubtedly helped me, as much as swimming lessons helped the girl.

I managed to swim over to where she was, grab her under my arm and tried to make my way out of the lock.

I didn't have time to take any clothes off before I jumped in, so the freezing water and being fully clothed didn't make it the kind of rescue I'd imagined.

I genuinely thought at one point that we weren't going to get out of that lock alive but reminding myself how brave the little girl had been to stay afloat, I wasn't going to give up and summoned everything I had to keep us from going under.

Thankfully, the wonderful Foxton Locks volunteers were on hand to throw a line in which eventually we used to help me swim out to where the bank lowered and I could lift her and myself out.

Despite the cold and shock, she was ok and so was I. A hot cup of tea from Bridge 61 Pub and loads of towels helped us to warm up.

A trip to A&E was needed just because Iโ€™d swallowed some water and developed a nasty cough but thatโ€™s cleared up now and everyone is slightly traumatised, but nothing that a few days rest won't ease.

So, a massive thank you to everyone that helped on the day, especially the volunteers and the lady in Bridge 61 pub.

The point of this post is not to put myself forward as a hero, the undoubted hero of the day was the little girl who showed unbelievable bravery and strength to survive the fall and tread water for so long whilst I swam over to her.

I guess I was there at the right time and instinct (plus Laura shouting at me to jump in) did the rest.

What I really want from this post is for every parent or anyone out there to SHARE THE ABSOLUTE HELL OUT OF IT so we can encourage everyone to make sure their children have swimming lessons and learn a skill that could save their life.

Without swimming lessons, the outcome would have been unthinkable on Saturday. There's no doubt in my mind of that. There just wouldn't have been enough time to get to her, treading water for those few seconds saved her life.

Everyone thinks that this wouldn't ever happen to them but I promise you it can, in the blink of an eye, the unimaginable can happen and could change your life forever.

So, two things;

1 - Every child needs to have swimming lessons. They are never too young or too old. Just do it. There is absolutely no genuine excuse not to do it.

2 - Horrendous accidents like this can happen. Especially around water. It doesn't matter where you are, children wander off and never see the danger in front of them. The least you can do is make sure they are prepared if the worst does happen.

Please, please, please share this post to remind every parent of the importance of their children learning to swim.

A 5-year-oldโ€™s life was saved on Saturday because of it.

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